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Some of the, um, lesser pieces of my collection. And yes, I bought the 4th season of The OC

So I guess it’s just an amateur movie buff thing because apparently it’s  hard to see why I have a good time watching these bad movies.

It seems like no matter whom I tell about my little project – everyone from you classmates to my friends – people have questions.

“So you’re doing this for a class?”

Well, yes, but I’ve always watched bad movies.  There’s just a list now.

“So you… like it?  Watching bad movies on purpose?”

Hell yes.

I guess my personal obsession started by way of Roger Ebert, and his book “Your Movie Sucks.”  The Amazon synopsis states that the book reviews “not only movies that were at the bottom of the barrel, but also movies that he found underneath the barrel.”  I got the book as a present a few Christmases back and have kind of been enthralled since then. (That being said, Ebert is the biggest movie critic in the world, and does not review the movies I do.  He does, however, keep the wonderful “Your Movie Sucks file” at the Sun-Times’ website which is worth checking out)

There’s something to watching a bad movie.  It’s not the enjoyment you get from watching the movie in the same way you would by watching something like Casablanca (my all-time favorite), but rather it’s in the experience of seeing the bad movie unfold; it’s like the old adage about not being able to look away from a trainwreck, you can’t look away.

So I made a venture to start seeing movies like ‘The Room’ and other cult favorites of the sort.  But then a great thing happened:  I realized I was far from the only one who does this.  Aside from Ebert, there are massive followings for these kinds of movies, and the people who seek them out love doing it.

Some of the fervor for this may have started around a show called  Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a TV show that ran for the better part of the 90s.  The show prominently features a man and his robot companions watching old B-movies and making fun of them, much the way you would if you were watching at home (Much of the show is also available at Netflix Instant if you’re into that kind of thing).

But it hardly stops there.  The rather famous Onion AV Club has a running series called ‘I Watched This On Purpose,’ which is basically a better-written version of my site, only they don’t stick to old movies. There is also the wonderful database over at Badmovies.org, which is well worth a browse or two.

As I frequently mention, FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini loves talking about bad movies, and has prompted me to wonder when I’ll finally be able to see Birdemic, as well as be the basis for this site.

I guess the point of all this was to basically say that: it’s just fun.  There are a ton of bad movies out there to see, and there’s a bunch of people who see them too.  It’s fun to watch a super bad movie and make fun of it with people.  Whether those people are your friends in the same room, some internet message board, or a badly-written blog, it’s not just about watching – it’s about the experience.

BONUS: The amazing Patton Oswalt and his infamous rant about one of his favorite bad movies “Death Bed.” I guess it should be noted that it has very NSFW language.


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